Before Starting Your Dog on a Raw Diet

It is important to stress that our recommendations are guidelines and that you should pay specific attention to your dog’s weight and physical appearance as they adapt to their diet. How much you feed your dog every day depends on a number of factors including:

  • Your dogs metabolism
  • The quality of food you are feeding
  • How much exercise your dog gets
  • How much they weigh
  • The age and breed of your dog
  • If you want your dog to (Gain, Maintain or Lose) weight

How to Introduce Raw Meat to Your Dog

Day 1

Start by substituting 10% of the old food for 10% of  Raw. If you feed two meals a day, make sure you repeat the process. As an option for the first raw that you introduce, our chicken with green tripe is an excellent meal to start with. It is very easy for a dog to digest and contains all of the nutrients that they require as well as probiotics for added protection.

Day 2 (onwards)

Increase the amount of raw food that you introduce each day by a further 10-15% until you have achieved a full transition. Ideally, this process should take around 7-10 days.

If at any stage, your dog has a loose stool, reduce the amount of raw food for two-three days, stabilising the stool and then proceed to steadily increase the raw food amounts.