Super Meaty Paste (1x Pack)

A clean dog is a happy dog

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Super Meaty Paste (1x Pack)

Roxxi’s Super Bone Broth is Highly Concentrated making it a VERY Potent Supplement for your Superdog and contains Collagen, Essential Amino acids, and Vital Compounds such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin.


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Incredibly popular since launching our Super Meaty Pate, your dogs just won’t be able to get enough!

Just smear some if this tasty healthy paste on whatever you want and your super dog will do anything!
Uses are endless!  Heres are some of our ideas!

– Add to Enrichment Toys like your Liki Mats & Kongs!
– Smother on healthy vegetables to get your super dogs to eat them!
– Add to your Superdogs meals as an extra nutritional supplement
– Use for training!

This Healthy Super Meaty Paste is not only high protein and high fiber

It is also low fat and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Free-range liver, organic beetroot, natural pumpkin

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